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Altrade - altrade.biz

Discussion in 'HYIP' started by IncredibleEarnings, Apr 7, 2016.

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    With the development of niche investment Internet - the emergence of our company is inevitable. Unfortunately, even in developed countries, only a few are able to competently manage their funds, and hence, the demand for our services there. Altrade - using their own trading strategies, is connected to the stranger, the analyst collects a plurality of brokerage companies and delaС't everything possible to maximize profits. On average, taking into account the difficult circumstances and drawdowns, trading income is the amount from 25 to 35% per month. Sometimes, this amount varies considerably, depending on the fundamental component (of the crisis, the political situation, of seasonal factors).

    To increase the profitability of our investments - we are working on our project marketing promotion, affiliate program introduced and actively developing company on the Internet. Your trust - our dignity.

    Search is over!
    Altrade - a company in the UAE to Russian mentality and its own approach to trading.

    Daily growth
    The best indicator of the success of any company on the Internet, pre-empting its credibility - the number of members equal to 48 registered customers.

    Some figures
    More than 78 years - the total experience of trading on the stock exchange of our staff and remote employees. Altrade - public gateway to the world of investments.

    The achievements
    In total, our company invested more than $208, and the investor will receive 0.00$

    Investment plans:
    $ 3.00 - $ 100.00 by 1.50% per day, for 10 days,
    $ 30.00 - $ 1000.00 at 2.90% per day, for 16 days,
    $ 100.00 - $ 3000.00 at 4.00% per day, for 20 days

    Referral Bonus: 7-3-1%
    Charge: daily
    Payment: Perfect Money, Payeer
    SSL-certificate: yes
    Payments: instant


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