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PTC Apobux-Unique script like Neobux, instant payment

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by clix5, May 23, 2015.

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    Welcome to ApoBux,

    May 22 will be undoubtedly a special day for all of us, because today we are officially launching Apobux.com
    Some doubts and questions are answered below, please take time to read and learn more about this great website.

    What is the inspiration behind the Apobux.com?
    This question can be answered with just two words: Innovations and Guidelines.
    After reviewing and analyzing the current scenario of the Paid-to-Click websites, we realized that many guidelines and innovations need to be changed and updated. Apobux.com was developed to extract the best features and unify into a single stable and powerful system. ​

    Right now you should be asking yourself, how will this be possible?
    It's easy to understand, let's describe below a simple example.
    We will summarize this example using only the two largest and trusted sites in this business: ClixSense and Neobux.
    • ClixSense has unique features such as: ClixGrid and Referral Upgrade Levels (Affiliate Program).
    • Neobux too has unique features such as: AdPrize and Live Support (Chat).
    We are listing only a few among many features, just to simplify this example.
    Now imagine a powerful system with all the best features together in one place. This is no longer a dream, now it is reality!
    The system goes far beyond this little explanation. In addition to the various features, we will update and make them better and more attractive. This will only be a small initial step to Apobux.com become the most complete system and with more earning options in this business. ​

    That sounds great, but who created Apobux?
    Apobux.com is a system developed in partnership with the IT staff. The registered company composed by our Information Technology team is responsible for the site (Apobux.com) and its official records are located in USA.
    The system is currently hosted on two powerful dedicated servers, one for web application and another for the database. This will ensure the speed, scalability and system security. In addition the system has McAfee secure, cloudflare protection, optimized firewall and ssl service. The script and design are unique and were fully developed by our Information Technology team. There are some similarities in our design related to Neobux site. This particular website has inspired our team for the simple reason of being an intuitive layout and easy to use. ​

    Splendid! Please tell me about your goals and future plans for the coming months?
    Our future plans can be divided into short term(few weeks) and long term(few months).
    In the short term, we can mention the following goals:
    • Create a payment proof page to publicly list all payments sent instantly.
    • Add unique features that are already being developed and will be announced and revealed soon.
    In the long term, we can mention the following goals:
    • Add new payment methods to the system. (read the next question for more details)
    • Send a request to CrowdFlower to authorize and provide Tasks for our members.
    • Add more dedicated servers to the system infrastructure.
    This are just a few among many other goals that will be revealed soon.
    If you want to contribute with ideas and suggestions to the system, you can request it here: Feature Requests. ​

    It seems good, but what are the payment options?
    Currently, we only accept Paypal and Payzaas payment methods. In addition, all purchases and withdrawals are processed instantly. Apobux is following a stable business plan, and take risks is not part of our guidelines. Neteller payment processors is coming soon, we also accept Paypal and Payza allowing us to reach the whole world.​


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