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Aquatix - Aquatix.cc

Discussion in 'HYIP' started by IncredibleEarnings, Apr 1, 2016.

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    The investment Aquatix platform is a crowdfunding service for realization of open investments in development and projects of the operating parts of economy.

    Present forms of capital investment differ with a variety and level of riskiness.

    Realization of investments through the crowdfunding Aquatix service is made only in the authentic, highly liquid financial projects investigated by official audit organizations and highly professional employees of the company.

    Advantages of the crowdfunding Aquatix service are:

    - the smallest starting capital;
    - an actual way of capital investment in "two clicks";
    - the income in the Internet without obligatory investments, according to the referral program with a withdrawal of the real money.

    Plans: 1% - 3% daily, Deposit return in 7 working days
    Min Deposit: $10
    Max Deposit: No Limit
    Referral: 10% - 7% - 3% (20% - 7% - 3% from 1000$)
    Withdrawal: Manual

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  2. Our deposit:

    01.04.16 13:46 Transfer Sent Payment: 100.00 USD to account U10819149 from U1294989. Batch: 126188268. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Aquatix.cc.

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