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Bali-Inv - bali-inv.com

Discussion in 'HYIP' started by IncredibleEarnings, Mar 30, 2016.

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    The Bali Invest website was launched to facilitate direct investments in the tourism industry of the most promising island of Indonesia, Bali. Priority investment areas include the development of excursion tourism in the island and its waters, sale of souvenirs and sports equipment and scooters rental. We have selected these areas for their high profitability, low risk and quick investment return. We have actively expanded our business on the island over the last 4 years and decided to receive investments from private investors via Internet.

    Invest plan:

    Income is from 1% to 2,9 % per day without bonuses
    Bonuses from the deposit term and the size of the investment portfolio are up to 1,1% per day
    Deposit may be extracted within 4 days after investment. After 4 days only the earned gain is available.
    The maximum working period of deposit is 53 weeks
    Gain on your investment is accrued every second.
    Interest on your deposit is charged every second
    Instant withdrawal of balance funds.
    Interest on your deposit is charged every second
    After extracting more than $100 per day payments are approved by the security service in 36-hours.

    There are two types of bonuses for our investors, depending on the size of deposit and its working period.

    1. Deposit working period

    From 1 weeks +0,1% per day
    From 2 weeks +0,2% per day
    From 4 weeks +0,3% per day
    From 5 weeks +0,4% per day
    From 7 weeks +0,5% per day
    From 9 weeks +0,55% per day
    From 11 weeks and later +0,6% per day

    2. Deposit size

    From 500 dollars +0,1% per day
    From 1000 dollars +0,2% per day
    From 5000 dollars +0,3% per day
    From 10000 dollars +0,4% per day
    From 50000 dollars +0,5% per day

    Min/max deposit: 20$/200000$

    Payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin

    Payments: instant (min 0.5$)


    After Inviting investors you will get 12% of the first line investor's income, 5% of the second line investor's income and 3% of the third line investor's income.


    Verif.PM and Payeer
    DDoS from DDoS-guard
    SSL from Comodo
    Licensed H-script

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