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PTC Bitmyads.com - Newsite Evo 11/5

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by viking, May 11, 2015.

  1. viking



    • Earn up to m฿0.06 per click
    • Earn up to m฿0.03 per referral click
    • Earn a minimum of 0.0015m฿ per click
    • Instant withdrawal with XAPO
    • Withdrawals are processed instantly to the bitcoin address and you will received it in 30min~1 hour
    • Withdrawals with 0.055m฿ (5500 satoshis)
    • Bonus [​IMG] m฿0.012500 in AB

    Reflink : http://bitmyads.com/?ref=viking88hp

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