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Crypax - crypax.com

Discussion in 'Recycle Bin' started by hyipregular, Sep 16, 2016.

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    New project: Crypax - crypax.com


    Who We Are?
    The dollar is still expensive, but with times it becomes weaker. The future certainly belongs to cryptocurrency. Anonymous. Controlled by nobody. For the first time in the history, your money belongs just for you. It can be true when the dollar is in your pocket. Do you keep your bucks in a bank at your credit card or in payment systems? Congratulations! You money does not belong you. They belong to money masters, as Katasonov Ph.D. says. And only these masters decide when and how much money they may give you. Unbelievable! But everyone lives like that. Why no one is angry by the limit they set to withdraw your money? Because everyone is used to it. Because it is - "normal".

    And because there was no alternative. And it is now! And its name is – cryptocurrency. No master. No Big Brother control. The currency which belongs to everyone and to no one in particular. And this is the most devastating blow to the System, since Adam and Eva times.

    Sure, the powers finally realized that and try out to take under control something that that is out of control. It will take some time and even hard-nosed of them will understand that their time is up.

    Your time is up! You are so sick of the whole world with your total control of everyone and everything, offshore wars, your passport identification rules, fingerprints, retina, and DNA analysis. Why don’t you take care of important things?

    Old school bankers disappear before the eyes. Western financial world, which was built at interest rate, is dying. Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and others, make this process irreversible.

    Cryptocurrency really gives financial freedom, not in the sense that that you no longer have to work, but the money you earned will stay with you. This is a true freedom, which everyone so crave. And what about work? Leave it to us.

    Your Crypax.

    Added Premium listing at : Sep 16, 2016




    Min - $10
    Max - $10.000

    -We accept: Perfect Money / Bitcoin
    -Dedicated DDoS protected Server
    -Hosting provider:

    SSL :
    COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA(ValidTo: 2017-06-18)
    IP : Nameservers : Hoster : NS1.EASY-GEO-DNS.COM (
    Registrar : ENOM, INC. Created : 2016-06-16 Updated : 2016-06-16 Expires : 2019-06-16

    -Referral commission: No
    -Unique design
    -Automatic Withdraw

    Link to view and register ==>>>

    I'm in!
    Added Premium listing!
    We will support here later!

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