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PTC Dollarsads - Dollarsads.info - Newsite Aurora 22/11

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by alien300, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. alien300

    alien300 Moderator Staff Member

    DollarsAds.info is now under new ownership, and it is better than ever [​IMG]

    Referral url: http://www.dollarsads.info/index.php?ref=dailyptc

    We offer:
    • Upto 5 cents a click for every membership
    • $0.02 minimum payout
    • Perfect Money and Paypal payments
    • Instant order approval
    • 75% payout on PTC Wall ads (you earn a minimum $0.00015)

    American Dollar
    $1.50/month [You break even with the 5 cent ad!!!!!]
    100 PTC credits every week
    20% ref commission

    Canadian Dollar
    250 PTC credits every week
    100% ref commission

    Australian Dollar
    500 PTC credits every week
    150% ref commission

    Referral url: http://www.dollarsads.info/index.php?ref=dailyptc

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