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PTC hyipintel.com,Mì ăn liền Site Script Buxhost vừa ra MinPay 0.02$>>Sau 3 ngày

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by haimiennam, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. haimiennam


    Yahoo! Messenger:
    Yahoo Messager
    Member Free 15 Ads • $0.0150
    Minimum payout 0.02$ ( 2 ngày đủ Pay rồi :) )
    Bonus $0.5000 vào PB
    Bonus Ngày 0.01$ khi Click 15 Ads

    We're a normal buxhost site + an HYIP program!
    Payments are INSTANT with the HYIP programs
    You can create up to 5 different accounts (ONLY 1 account can be FREE)
    Buxhost program (No need to invest)
    HYIP program (Yes, investment needed, BUT guaranteed payouts)
    Free to signup! Free member can cash out here!

    Link Ref Chiến nào các member

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