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nizfile.com - PPD up to 5$ - daily payment

Discussion in 'Paid To Upload - PTU' started by azizhm, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. azizhm


    nizfile is filehost that you can make alot of money with it
    main features:

    1- Smooth and friendly design
    2- Flexible Affiliate program
    3- 100GB file storage - Unlimited for premium
    4- File and Remote URL upload
    5- Multi files upload
    6- Resume capability
    7- Torrent Leech
    8- Flash Multi Upload
    9- Files kept a live for 40 days from the last downloaded day.
    10- Minimum payout amount is $2
    11- Multiple Payment methods: Paypal, Skril (Moneybookers)

    ppd table:


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