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omegaclix - omegaclix.com

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by arias, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. arias





    Following features already arranged before final launch to provide best earnings ways to members from the day one:-
    1. Clix Grid added
    2. Revenue Shares added
    3. Head and Tail and Crack the vault Game will be added.
    4. Points Contest page added. Referral Contest page soon.
    5. PTSU system added.
    6. 5 Level Ref Comms system added
    7. Fixed Ads system added for Advertisers and Clickers
    8. Best Feature Crowd-flower Tasks / Mini Jobs system will be added to provide best work platform to loving members like Neobux and Clixsenes.
    9. We Joined the industry to stay long term and fly the OmegaClix towards new era of PTC industry.
    10. Many interesting Paid games additions and offer walls will be added in the circle for members to earn extra soon.
    11. We are using the latest advance software to manage OmegaClix. This is very important
    12. Our Server is SSL secured and DDOS protected
    13. Official records have been Verified by Mcafee
    14. Verification of company is also done by SiteLock
    15. Trust-guard verification is in process. DMCA Verification done.
    16. We will support all payment processors. We already have business verified in all processor

    minimum cashout is $4(Paypal,Payza,PM)



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