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Read Reviews Before Joining a Binary Options Platform

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sagasan, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. sagasan


    For instance, I use the Picasa 3 software on my laptop to organize my photo collection. By default, this is set to scale pictures so that the longest side is 1600 pixels (and thus, with my G+ account, is not included in the storage limit). All I do is what I've done for a long time, I create my albums in Picasa 3, sync to the Picasa site, and there they are in G+ as well, ready for Millionaires Code Review me to share to my Circles (we'll look at those later).Google have also hinted that they will be offering some form of integration with Gmail and Documents (though they haven't worked out what that integration will offer just yet). Personally I would like to be able to share documents based on my Circles rather than just by e-mail address. I'd also like to see them do that with Google Calendars.G+ works around this concept of Circles. When you think about your "real life" friends, we supposedly think in circles. There is the circle of family members, close friends, acquaintances and so on and so forth. Google has taken this and applied it to G+. Also in the same way as real life, a person may consider you in a friendship circle, even if you don't feel quite the same way. In fact, Google has a pretty good explanation in a video.

    You can make circles, give them names. Put people you know into a circle. Put them in several circles to help you organize. You can put people you don't know into circles to 'follow' them and see their public posts on your "Stream" (we'll get to the Stream in a bit). For those of you familiar with Twitter, you'll already understand this concept. Circles allow you a lot of freedom, and as the video above shows, you can also decide to see posts in your Stream that are only from people in a chosen circle. This means that you don't have to spend ages scrolling down the screen, clicking "More" because there have been 589 new posts since you logged in last night, all on the same Feed. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder why this isn't the norm everywhere.Here's the other great thing with Circles. Not only can you use them to determine which people's posts you view on your Stream, but you can post your own message specifically to the people of one, or more circles. This gives us a whole new level of control over how we share information with one another. For instance, I follow a person who has a circle that contains people who are crazy about cats. That way, she can share her love of cats with people that are interested in cats, without overwhelming all of her contacts with cat posts that they don't want to see.


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