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RedLOAD.NET - PPS 65% | PPD $40 | New Rates Noticed! - Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Paid To Upload - PTU' started by kapopo, Jun 1, 2014.

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    All Changing will start at 19th May, 2014.

    Hi WJ Members,
    I am Gilbert, new owner of Redload. I am introducing about my site : RedLoad.NET

    RedLoad is now based on Nertherlands. We are provide an Internet-based Upload and Storage Service for everyone.
    You can use our service to store your files, medias, documents, etc...
    Our service support Windows, OSX, iPhone, Android and Web interface.​

    Some great feature from our service
    You can upload maximum 10GB per file.
    Your files will be SAFE on US. We dont touch to your files. You must manage them.
    The minimum payout is USD $15. Payments will be issued every week, and the payout will be processed on Friday.
    Changing plan cycle is 7 days.
    Default storage for Uploaders is 10TB (can increase) - 512GB for registered.
    Free download speed is 120-150KB/s (depend on your speed)
    Countdown timer for guest/registered is 60/45 seconds.
    Supported Download Accelerator (IDM/Jdownloader/Rapidleech). Rapidleech plugin here : Download
    Payout request on Webmoney only (Can help exchange to another)
    Count maximum 1 cent last 24 hours from same IP address download.

    Notice: Your account will be banned and your files will be deleted immediately if you store many many junk files on our server.

    We offer some Affiliate plans :

    PPD Plan will be fixed to this rates

    Read More : Redload.net - Affiliate Page (Will update at 19th May)

    Service Features :

    Flash Upload (available on register user)
    Remote Upload
    URL Leecher (RG work now, Inbox me to integrate more)
    FTP Upload (available on premium user)
    API Upload
    RedLoad Desktop Manager (Fixing) | Last Updated: 3.16.2014

    Some Informations about our Affiliate program

    Your account must be actived before uploading some files.
    Weekly Payout (On every Friday) - Min : $15 with Webmoney
    We provide free premium for uploaders with yearly upgrading. You can send me a PM, place your message in this topic or send an email to [email protected]
    Removed links don't affect your profits


    Email: [email protected] | Abuse: [email protected]

    [​IMG]Facebook [​IMG]Twitter [​IMG] Google+


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