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Scam Rubles2015 - Rubles2015.com

Discussion in 'HYIP' started by alien300, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. alien300

    alien300 Moderator Staff Member


    Rubles - modern investment system on exchange market without straight trading, when investor only needs to choose direction of the currency rates (rise / decline). If the prediction of the course is right for the last trading session - the investor receives excess profits of up to 15 % per day, depend on changes in the price of the currency pair for the trading last day.

    At the same time, regardless of the results of bidding, each investor receives guaranteed income of 4% up to 6% per day, in accordance with the chosen investment plan.

    All 3 investment plans have term of 7 days, during which investor will get 7 guaranteed accruals (4% to 6%), and chance to get 5 accruals of excess profits (only on business days). Sum of guaranteed profits depend on amount of the deposits

    $10 to 50$ - 4% per day
    $50 to $1000 - 5% per day
    $1000 to $2500 - 6% per day

    Minimum for withdrawal: $1 or 0.004 BTC

    What happens to the deposit after the investment period end?
    For the first investment period maximum amount of deposits is 1, per each investment plan. After your funds passed first investment period (7 days), amount of the deposits increasing by 1 on the same invetment plan where deposit was working, you will be able to open 2 deposits on the same investment plan. It means plus 1 new deposit on the investment plan where deposit was in work, but not more than 4 deposits on the same investment plan.

    Is the capitalization of profits (compounding) availiable?
    Project Rubles is not providing compounding as an automatical function, for re-investing you need to withdraw your funds and create a new deposit.

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