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TerraLeads là CPA Hub đối tác đầu tiên

Discussion in 'Advertising Network' started by terraleads, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Hello, partner!

    1.1 billion people in the world suffer from hypertension. Just imagine this — every seventh person! And the amount is growing.

    Therefore, Terra Leads launches a new offer — Cardio NRJ capsules to eliminate hypertension.


    To order copyright promo materials or a localization, contact your account manager.

  2. Hello, partner!

    While we all sit at home, buried in gadgets, not only the global economy is suffering, but also our eyesight.

    Dryness and redness of the eyes, eye floaters, fuzzy contours, a feeling of cloudy vision - everyone has encountered such symptoms at least once. And you can live with them, of course, but what for?

    We have prepared a new product offer - Vison capsules for eyesight. They have no side effects and contraindications, which means they are for anyone who has eyes.

    For additional information and promo materials, contact your account manager.

  3. Hello, partner!

    In addition to being able to sleep longer, quarantine brought us a sedentary lifestyle and lots of worries. And all this can aggravate an already unpleasant problem — prostatitis. Help the strong half of humanity with our offer — Prostaffect.

    For promo materials and more information, contact your Terra Leads account manager.

  4. Chào đối tác!

    Bất chấp mùa hè sẽ như thế nào, người ta vẫn muốn lấy lại vóc dáng. Nhất là sau một thời gian cách ly kéo dài.

    Terra Leads theo kịp xu hướng và giới thiệu cho bạn offer châu Âu mới - bột giảm cân Keto Light.

    Bạn có muốn đổ lên offer này không? Hãy nhắn tin cho người quản lý tài khoản của bạn để tìm hiểu thêm chi tiết.

    Và đừng quên rằng ở Terra Leads, bạn có thể đặt mua nội dung quảng cáo độc đáo tùy bất cứ nhu cầu nào của bạn nhé.

  5. Chào đối tác!

    Bạn có muốn đổ lên một offer nào đó mà không bị đau không?

    Hãy chú ý đến các viên nang chống viêm bọng đái Cistat nhé. Thời gian gần đây, offer này chỉ đã có sẵn như offer private, nó đã có tỷ lệ chuyển đổi và chấp thuận cao. Hôm nay, bạn cũng có thể kiếm tiền nhờ vào nó.

    Hãy nhắn tin cho người quản lý tài khoản của bạn để biết được thêm thông tin. Và để kết quả làm bạn vui như một chai bia lạnh vào ngày nóng, bạn hãy mua nội dung quảng cáo ở Terra Leads nhé.

  6. Chào đối tác!

    Bạn có muốn khám phá mọi tiềm năng của mình không?

    Vậy thì hãy chú ý đến offer mới của chúng tôi - viên nang tăng cường sinh lý EffectEro. Chúng tôi vừa mới ra làm nó public cho nên khuyên bạn đừng ngại và đổ trong khi offer còn nóng nhé.

    Yêu cầu thêm thông tin và nội dung quảng cáo từ người quản lý tài khoản của bạn nhé.

  7. Chào đối tác!

    Bạn muốn đổ lên một offer tuyệt vời nhưng chưa biết nên chọn cái nào à?

    Để được tỷ lệ chuyển đổi như ý thì hãy để ý đến offer mới của chúng tôi - kem bôi khớp Hondrowell. Ngay từ những phút dùng đầu tiên, nó sẽ bảo vệ bạn khỏi bị ban và sẽ tăng số lượng leads.

    Hãy nhắn tin cho người quản lý tài khoản của bạn để được truy cập offer và còn đặt cho nó nội dung quảng cáo tuyệt vời nhé.

  8. Hello, partner!

    Feeling blue during the day because of unapproved leads and frantically looking for new offers at night? Then running our varicose veins cream called Varydex is a must.

    We've just published it, so don't hesitate and start working on promo materials now. Or you can order them from us. We'll be happy to help you with any formats and geos.

    Contact your account manager for details.

  9. Hello, partner!

    Perhaps you were vacationing at an all-inclusive hotel somewhere in Turkey and didn’t follow our updates. We want to make sure you didn’t miss anything important.

    We have launched a new offer – Big Lover
    Penis enlargement cream, geo – Europe

    We have published the Cistat offer
    Capsules for cystitis, geo – Europe

    We have launched Effect Pro
    Capsules for potency, geo – Europe

    ‍We have launched Hondrowell
    Joint cream, geo – Europe

    ‍We have launched Varydex
    Varicose veins cream, geo – Europe

    We have expanded our line for Bangladesh (BD)
    Goji Cream – Anti-aging cream;
    Smart Keto – Fat burning pills;
    Filorga Meso-Mask – Anti-wrinkle mask;
    LifeCell – Anti-aging cream.

    We have added new offers for Cambodia (KH)
    Pretty Cowry – Joint Cream;
    Goji Face Cream – Anti-aging cream.

    We have expanded our line for Indonesia (ID) and Vietnam (VN)
    Naturatensi – Pills for hypertension, ID;
    Fitabets – Diabetes pills, ID;
    Bioseefit – Vision Capsules, ID;
    NaturKlin – Capsules for psoriasis, ID.

    Money Amulet – Money Amulet, VN;
    Glusure – Diabetes Capsules, VN;
    Germany Gold Care – Capsules for hypertension, VN;
    Slim Mix – Weight Loss Drink, VN.

    We have expanded our line for India (IN)
    Herbal Hair Oil – Oil for baldness;
    Herbal Booster – Capsules, adult;
    Herbex Joint – Oil for joints and back;
    Max Herbs – Capsules, adult.

    We have launched new offers for Argentina (AR) and Korea (KR)
    Vinix – Potency patches, KR;
    Zenza Cream – Anti-aging cream, AR.

    We have added new geos for Prostaffect
    Now you can run prostate capsules in such geos as Albania, Kosovo, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

    We have expanded our line for the Balkans
    Acnex – Acne Serum, BA;
    FaceRevita – Anti-pigmentation cream, BA;
    Glucosine – Diabetes Tea, BA;
    Flexsteel – Joint Cream, BA.

    Parazol – Tea for parasites, RS;
    EasySlim – Weight Loss Tea, RS;
    Prostamid – Tea for prostatitis, RS;
    Omnipotent – Tea for potency, RS.

    We have launched new offers for Thailand (TH)
    Greenherb – Weight Loss Capsules;
    Vernarex – Capsules for potency with instant action;
    Duracore – Capsules for potency (course).

    We have created white offers for the UAE (AE)
    Massage pillow – Massage pillow;
    Magic Brush Set – Cleaning brush for surfaces;
    Vclean Spot – Universal cleaner;
    Multifunctional Hair Comb – Universal comb.

    Stay with us for we still have lots of awesome offers for you.

  10. Hello, partner!

    Want to earn more on something people rarely talk about out loud? Then run our new offers – Purefelle whitening cream for intimate areas and Germixil anti-parasite capsules.

    For all the details, contact your account manager. And to influence the target audience even more effectively, order localized promo materials from Terra Leads.


  11. Hello, partner!

    Want to hit your target audience as sure as a gun? Then aim for the head!

    Let our new offer be your gun. Meet HairActiv – capsules for hair loss.

    And for your targeting to be exact, order unique localized promo materials from us. We’ll create them for you for free.

  12. Hello, partner!

    Ready to try your hand at new European offers? Then we’ve got great news for you!
    We’ve added Germany for the following offers:

    • Keto Light
    • Hondrowell
    • Myceril
    • Choco Lite
    • BigLover
    • EffectEro
    • Cardio NRJ
    • Germixil
    Be ahead of others — start running traffic now! The competitiveness is high, but the profits are worth it! Willkommen!

  13. Hello, partner!

    You’ve got enough bread but want more games? Then fill your glass with something and watch the first episode of AffLate. It’s a show in which we will meet with top affiliates and show what’s behind the scenes of the affiliate network.

    In the first episode, you’ll find dancing with a coffin, a stand-up and, of course, an interview with shots and a guest – Sergei Nagurny. You will finally find out how our creative director creates offers, why Terra Leads has such a high percentage of approval and whether it is worth going for arbitrage in 2020.

    Watch the video to perfect your evening.

  14. Hello, partner!

    Season of mushrooms is coming! Get ready for it properly and run our new offer – Myceril antifungal cream.

    To collect only upscale leads, order promo materials from Terra Leads. We will localize them for any geo.

    For all the details, contact your account manager.

  15. Hello, partner!

    We are continuing expanding our range of geos and we have added Austria for you.

    By the way… their medium life span is 80 years. Can you imagine how many potential customers there are for Nutra offers?

    Don't miss the chance, start acting today!

  16. Hello, partner!

    Are you feeling hot and dizzy? Has your heartrate increased? Calm down, this is not menopause, but only symptoms of increased adrenaline.

    Everything will go back to normal once you see the percentage of our new offer approval – Menomin Forte Menopause Relief Capsules.

    If you want, we will make life easier for you, too. We can create effective promo materials for any geo.

    Contact your account manager to get access and learn all the details.

  17. Hello, partner!
    Let us fill you in on the latest Terra Leads events that took place within the last month.

    Pilot episode of AffLate Show
    Interview with top affiliates, behind-the-scenes experience of an affiliate network, news and insights, informal atmosphere and specific arbitrage humor.
    In this episode you can see exotic dances, stand-up, shots… Our guest Sergey Nagurny dwells on whether it’s worth going for arbitrage nowadays and tells us what’s going on with teaser networks as well as what top affiliates are currently concerned with. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, follow the link.

    Checker to see if your domain is banned on FB
    Now you can check if your domain is banned directly from your Terra Leads account.

    Two new GEOs — Germany and Austria
    Join and grow your influence!

    New Nutra Offers
    - Myceril – anifungal cream.
    - HairActiv – capsules for hair growth.
    - Germixil – antiparasite capsules.

    Don’t forget about adult offers
    - MaxMan Cream – enhancement cream.
    GEOs: HK, AE, TW.
    - Titan Premium – gel.
    GEO: KH.
    - Herbal Penirex Tablet – capsules.
    GEO: IN.

    Diabetes offers in Europe
    - Diatea Tea.
    GEO: BA.
    - Diabeters capsules.
    GEO: LT.

    New offers in Malaysia are waiting for their affiliate heroes
    - Lycium Serum – anti-wrinkle cream.
    - SLIMFIT Green Coffee – weight loss product that performed just fine in Bangladesh.

    Weight loss products for our Arab friends
    - Venuslim capsules with quite fair limits.
    GEO: MA.
    - Garcinia Extract capsules.
    GEO: AE.

    New beauty offers in Thailand
    - Everlift rejuvenating cream
    - Puronix detox capsules.

    New white offers
    We regularly launch offers in this vertical for different GEOs. Here are some of them:
    - UV Sterilizer
    GEOs: RO, BG, CZ, SK, IT.
    - Smart bracelet Fitness Bracelet M5
    GEO: RO.
    - Phone Holder Lazy Holder
    GEO: RO.
    - Magic Tracks Toy Road
    GEOs: SI, HR, RO, BG, GR, PL.
    - Laser Lamp Projector
    GEOs: SI, HR, RO, BG, GR, PL.

    Join Terra Leads and work in the most trending areas of the CPA market.

  18. Hello, partner!

    Cambodia — GEO Tier 2 with soft regulation of advertising and pleasant profit from nutra offers.

    Check it out yourself on our offers:
    - Choco Mia (weight loss cocktail) — from 10 USD
    - Pretty Cowry (joint cream) — from 11 USD
    - Goji Face Cream (rejuvenation cream) — from 10 USD
    - Detox (detox capsules) — from 10 USD
    - Titan Premium (enhancement gel) — from 10 USD

    Join now! We will do our best to help you make profit!

  19. Hello, partner!

    Are you sure you are using your full potential?

    We suggest running our new offer – Extra Mind (capsules to boost brain function). It showed excellent conversion rates while being private, so don't miss the opportunity to grab your piece of profit.

    To improve your prospects of success, order localized promo materials from Terra Leads.


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