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TerraLeads là CPA Hub đối tác đầu tiên

Discussion in 'Advertising Network' started by terraleads, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Hello, partner!

    Do you want leads to flock to your statistics like butterflies to the light?
    Then run our new white offer:

    LED Street Light Led Solar Lamp 180W, which can be remote controlled.

    Geos: GR, RO, PL, HR, HU.

    The lamp is charged with sun energy whereas you’re going to be charged with high profit!

  2. Hello, partner!

    Our new offer sends out bright profits and blocks electromagnetic fields:

    Quantum – a sticker for household appliances.

    Geos: AL KS MK.

    In order to quickly start making money, order localized promo materials from us.

  3. Hello, partner!

    Don’t believe in the tales about Estonian tardiness. After all, when they see high-quality promo materials, the speed with which they place orders tends to be faster than light!

    For you to get the feel of how great conversion rates are in Estonia, we’ve increased payouts for the following offers:

    Choco Lite (chocolate cocktail for weight loss)
    Keto Light + (cocktail for weight loss)
    Fizzy Slim (capsules for weight loss)
    Diet Lite (cocktail for weight loss, in sticks)
    Myceril (antifungal cream)
    Germitox (antiparasitic capsules)
    ReAction (capsules for potency)
    BigLover (enhancement lubricant)
    Ostelife (cream for joints)
    Prostaffect (capsules for prostatitis)
    Varyforte (cream for varicose veins)
    Cistat (capsules for cystitis)

    Contact your account manager to learn all the details and start earning!

  4. Hello, partner!

    Within one day, residents of Bangladesh manage to plow the field, stand at the machine at the plant and swish their oars getting home by boat.

    Do you understand what this means? They do need healthy joints!

    Therefore, we have a new public offer for Bangladesh – Flekosteel (cream for joints).

    Start earning now!

    May these wonderful people be cheerful enough after a hard day to compete with their Indian neighbors at night… if you know what we mean.

  5. Hello, partner!

    Our first New Year offers are like the first snow – just as white and delightful!

    LED Hose (LED string lights) – GR RO BG HR SI HU PL

    Tree Dazzler (Christmas tree) – GR RO BG HR SI HU PL

    New Year preparations have begun, so get your profit on time!

  6. Hello, partner!

    When fate handed us a lemon, we created a new offer from it – CitroSlim (citrus drink for weight loss).

    Get fresh ideas for promo materials from Terra Leads.

  7. Hello, partner!

    Guess what product is currently at its peak? Garlands? Christmas toys? Wrong! Our new offer is on top:

    Pulse Oximeter – a device for measuring oxygen level in blood! Bestseller!

    Geos: BG GR RO SI HR PL HU

    Ready-made promo materials are waiting for you in your personal account.

    Keep your finger on the pulse with Terra Leads!

  8. Hello, partner!

    If you know what ketosis is (or maybe you don’t know, but have always wanted to figure it out), then you will definitely know how to run our new weight loss offer!

    Keto Weight Loss (capsules for weight loss)

    GEO: Cambodia

    With Terra Leads, you learn new things every day and immediately convert knowledge into profit!

  9. Hello, partner!

    We are helping Thailand feel great again! This time we are bringing youth and beauty there!

    Our new public offers in this geo:

    • Lavite (serum for skin rejuvenation and lightening).
    • Havita – TH (hair strengthening and growth serum).

    These products can bring joy not only to Thais, but also to you. After all, beauty offers bring a good profit before the New Year holidays!

  10. Hello, partner!

    Black Friday in Terra Leads!

    From 11/27/20 till 12/4/2020 we are increasing the rates for ALL offers in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco).

    Your personal manager will fill you in the details.

    P.S. Can such a promotion be considered intolerant? Hmmm… we will consult our lawyers.

    In the meantime, quickly switch to Africa to have time to get your profit!

  11. Hello, partner!

    They say people in Africa have tiny waists and huge… well, you know.

    But you see, our tests say the opposite – weight loss and enlargement products perform greatly there!

    Therefore, we suggest that you run the following offers in South Africa:

    • Dietica (weight loss capsules)
    • Maxup caps (enlargement capsules for men)

    Either the Africans refuse to stop on what has been achieved, or all the conversions are done by the Europeans (as there are quite a lot of them there), or we have just debunked the main myths about Africa... Who cares?

    After all, the main thing is that you can get a good profit!

  12. Hello, partner!

    We are opening a new geo – setting France on fire! Except for Notre Dame – it has already got it bad

    Freedom of morals will let you effectively promote any offers. And while the French stay confident in their own irresistibility, you can play well on it...

    By the way, keep in mind that promo materials in English will work poorly here. After all, French people are very patriotic and prefer their native language.

    Hence, localize your promo materials (or order them from us), turn on La Marseillaise and start earning!

  13. Hello, partner!

    The temperature outside is going down, but Terra Leads payouts, on the contrary, are going up!

    Increased rates on our offers in the Baltics!

    • Fizzy Slim (LT LV EE) — $26
    • Choco Lite (LT LV +2) — $21
    • Keto Light + (LT LV) — $23
    • Diet Lite (LT LV) — $23
    • Germitox (LT LV) — $22
    • Ostelife (LT LV) — $22
    • Myceril (LT LV) — $23
    • Cardio NRJ (LT LV) — $22
    • Varyforte (LT LV) — $23
    • BigLover (LT) — $20
    • ReAction LT) — $21
    • Cistat (LT LV) — $22
    If you haven’t worked with these geos yes, it’s high time to get started!


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