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TerraLeads là CPA Hub đối tác đầu tiên

Discussion in 'Advertising Network' started by terraleads, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Hello, partner!

    As you know, you can make good money in Colombia... with our offers the payouts for which we have increased!

    + $3.5 on Calentras and Parafrix (products for joints)!

    Localized landing and pre-landing pages are already waiting in the wings! Join and start earning

  2. Hello, partner!

    Is glory of Alexander the Great haunting your mind? We will help you take over the whole world. You have probably already worked with the Albanian part of Macedonia, Slavic-speaking inhabitants are next in line. They need our offers now more than ever:

    • Germitox – anti-parasite capsules;
    • Keto Light – weight loss cocktail;
    • Varydex – cream for varicose veins;
    • RePeat – capsules for potency;
    • EffectEro – capsules for potency.

    And to surely find an approach to the Macedonians, order localized promo materials from Terra Leads.

  3. Hello, partner!

    Peru is not only about Machu Picchu, but also about cheap traffic. And to make it even more profitable, we increase payouts:

    + $2.5 on Calentras and Parafrix (products for joints)

    Join and get our localized promo materials that will help you make profit!

  4. Hello, partner!

    For the New Year holidays, you need to prepare both your budget and your liver. Combine business with pleasure by running our new offer - Gerliver (VN, capsules for liver).

    And to get nice conversion rates, order localized promo materials from Terra Leads.

  5. Hello, partner!

    People in Serbia love coffee, sweet bread and... our nutra offers.

    We are increasing payouts up to $15 so that you can run the following offers at your pleasure:

    • Varcolex - gel for varicose veins;
    • BoneControl - gel for joints;
    • Parazol - anti-parasite tea;
    • EasySlim - weight loss tea;
    • Prostamid - tea for prostatitis;
    • Omnipotent - tea for potency;
    • Diatea - tea for diabetes;
    • Hypertea - tea for hypertension

    To maximize the conversion, order localized promo materials from us.

  6. Hello, partner!

    We've got another rate increase! This time you can profitably run Hondrowell (cream for joints) in any of the available geos. To find out what your rate is going to be, contact your account manager

  7. Hello, partner!

    Montenegro has everything that is needed for comfortable life - mountains, sea and now our offers, too:

    Prostamid - tea for prostatitis;
    Varcosin - cream for varicose veins;
    Nautubone - cream for joints;
    Parazol - anti-parasite tea

    Start hunting for profit in the new geo. Contact your account manager to find out your individual conditions.

  8. Hello, partner!

    Do you have any favorite geos? Now you will definitely find some as we are raising payments for all offers in France, Germany and Austria for a whole week!

    Make a real killing and get even more t-coins until December 27 inclusive. To find out all the conditions, contact your account manager.

  9. Hello, partner!

    New Year Promotion!
    Increased payments and weekly bonuses from 12/22 to 01/31!

    Increased payments in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia:
    20-49 leads/day – payment increase + $3
    50-79 leads / day – payment increase + $5
    80 + leads / day – payment increase + $7

    Diet Lite, ReAction, Choco Lite, Germitox, Novaskin, RePeat, Keto Light +, Cardio NRJ, Prostaffect, Hialuron +, Cistat, Myceril, BigLover, Hondrowell, Varydex, EffectEro, ProstaGenius
    Geos: AL, KS, MK
    Language: AL

    Bitter Melon Slim
    Geos: AL, KS
    Language: AL

    Big Lover, ReAction, Prostaffect, Cistat, Hondrowell, Novaskin, Bitter Melon Slim, Varydex, RePeat, Keto Light +, Germitox, EffectEro
    Geo: MK
    Language: MK

    Additional weekly bonuses for such offers as Bittermelon Slim, Novaskin, Repeat, Hialuron Plus:
    500+ valid leads – $ 500
    800+ valid leads – $1000

    *Bonuses are credited weekly (every Wednesday).

    May the beginning of the new year be productive with Terra Leads!

  10. Hello, partner!

    Plan your launches taking into account the work schedule of the CC for December 25:

    • MK: until 15:00;
    • AL: until 15:00;
    • KS: until 15:00;
    • BD: day off;
    • MY: day off;
    • CO: day off;
    • PE: day off;
    • MX: day off;
    • PH: 50% of operators, full day;
    • KE: 50% of operators, full day;
    • MA: 50% of operators, full day.

    We wish you a holiday profit!

  11. Hello, partner!

    Were you a diligent affiliate in 2020? It's time to catch your breath and watch the 3rd Christmas episode of the AffLate Show!

    What’s in it

    A guest who must not be named during the launch of an advertising account.
    An interview with Ruslan Kocher who put together a whole team of affiliates and managed to grow big on small European geos.

    Dances, champagne and a story about Kevin McCallister who decided to do affiliate marketing on his own.

    Hurry up to get the necessary insights and rejoin the battle for leads with renewed vigor

  12. Hello, partner!

    Help Filipinos digest the events of the year that is now ending and see bright prospects for the future with our offers:

    Vitalbiotix – capsules for digestion;
    Optifix – capsules for vision.

    Order localized promo materials from Terra Leads so that your statistics explodes with the number of leads.

  13. Hello, partner!

    We are preparing the cardiovascular system for the holidays After all, the loads on it will be high!

    The same goes for your profit on with our new offer:

    HeartKeep (capsules for hypertension) in Morocco!
    Excellent conversion and stable approval!

    We also didn't forget other profitable geos and suggest that you run them too!

    Renewed Presuren Forte - Hypertension (capsules)
    - payout: $22+
    Hit A-Cardin - atherosclerosis (capsules)
    - payout: $23+

    Renewed A-Cardin - atherosclerosis (capsules)
    - payout: $21+

    Heart Strong - hypertension (drops)
    - payout of $6 and more + crazy Turkish conversion!

    Hypertin - hypertension (tea)
    - payout of $15 and more + low competition in a small but promising geo!

    Tensilab - hypertension (capsules)
    - payout: $18.5+
    Naturatensi - hypertension (tablets)
    - payout of $20 and more + a lot of traffic and stable interest in such offers!

    Payouts depend on volumes.
    Contact your account manager to find out how much you can earn!

  14. Hello, partner!

    If you want to expand your influence in Cambodia, now you have a chance. In addition to the adult offer Titan Premium, you can now work with our promising Hammer of Thor - enlargement capsules. What for? For your profit, of course!

    Order localized promo materials from Terra Leads to bypass strict moderators.

  15. Hello, partner!

    Do you want a bonus for your excellent work? Take part in our Polish Rally and get $500 for every 500 valid leads per week. The promotion will be running from 01/11/2021 until 02/07/2021.

    You can run the following offers with double benefit:

    Prostonel – capsules for prostatitis;
    EnlargeEreccion – capsules for potency;
    A-cardin – capsules for vessels;
    Presuren Forte – capsules for hypertension and varicose veins;
    Opticren – capsules for vision;
    CBD Oil – oil for joints.

    Order localized promo materials from Terra Leads to collect the maximum number of leads.

  16. Hello, partner!

    Do you know why cozy and warm winter shoes are so dangerous?

    They increase the risk of developing fungus!

    Therefore, we have increased payments for Myceril in all our geos!

    Don’t miss the chance to get more profit. Hurry up and contact your manager to find out what your rate is going to be!

  17. Turkey is not only sun, sea and khabibs, but also a nice geo for traffic search. Payments and interest in nutra offers are comparable to those in the CIS countries, but advertising auctions are freer.

    Therefore, we’re presenting several fresh offers in Turkey at once:

    • Vigatabs (pills for potency);
    • Macrones Secret (anti-aging cream);
    • NicoHate (anti-smoking gel);
    • Dr Mardeen (hair / beard serum).
    Don't forget to run our well-tried hits:
    • Heart Strong (capsules for hypertension);
    • FlexOptima (gel for joints).
    Contact your manager, learn the details, take an offer and start testing! Trust us, the results will pleasantly surprise you!

  18. Hello, partner!

    Finland keeps celebrating!

    After all, our offers are available again in this geo!
    • Reaction (erection capsules);
    • Ostelife (cream for joints);
    • Varyforte (cream for varicose veins);
    • Fizzy Slim (weight loss pills).
    Hurry, caps are limited! Don't miss your profit!

  19. Hello, partner!

    We had an interesting dream over the weekend. Azure sea, sun-drenched beach... and crowds of people who urgently want to become younger and lose weight!

    We decided to make it a reality with our new offers in Egypt:

    - Monina Cream (rejuvenation cream);
    - Green coffee fit (coffee for weight loss).

    Localized promo materials, landing and pre-landing pages are already waiting for you. All you need to do is to join us and start earning!

  20. Hello, partner!

    Today we will take a look at another case – running Prostamid prostatitis medicine on Facebook. Geo: Serbia. Average lead price – $3, ROI 196%.

    You will learn which approach worked out and what services the affiliate used, as well as see examples of promo materials.

    Terra Leads team reminds you of the case contest.
    Conditions of participation:
    - Case for one of the Terra Leads’ offers.
    - Dates of the advertising campaign – within 2020.
    - Volume (revenue) > $ 100.
    - ROI > 10%.
    - Specify dates, offer, source, bundle, financial statistics.
    - Attach feedback on working with Terra Leads (up to 300 characters).

    $30 to all participants whose cases meet the conditions and format requirements,
    $120 to participants who are included in the top 10 according to managers,
    $550 to the winner of the general vote.



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