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Victor-Coins - victor-coins.com

Discussion in 'HYIP' started by kapopo, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. I am not admin :


    Start : 15.04.2014

    Investment service Victor-Coins.com is a private united group of people who deal with currency market and in particular, with the developing and perspective crypto-currency market. We have a great knowledge and experience in a daily monitoring and inter-bourse crypto-currency operations. This experience results in break-even and a daily profit.

    The world crypto-currency price is tend to daily range without days off and holidays, and due to that difference we make money. It allows to make capitalization of accrued interest to our investors at some periods, and this process is going to develop. High volatility in everyday work with Crypto-currency in this case is a good advantage for market participants, and the principle is rather simple for Victor-Coins: to buy at lower price, to buy at a higher price, and vice versa, to sell at higher price, to buy at a lower price. Our main goal is to provide the investors with a possibility to minimize risks of investment, as safe as possible, and also to get additional profit via Victor-Coins service. This possibility is reinforced by the strategies where there is an effective balance between maximum profit and minimum risks. The possibilities of Victor-Coins allow to operate the investor’s account at any place – you need only a computer and Internet access. You can easily make investments, cash out available capital and interest, earn with affiliate programs and monitor the financial operations.
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    Plans :

    one: 5.25% a week with daily interest.

    Minimum investment of $ 20 for replenishment through CSE, $ 50 at the completion through Banks.

    Accept : PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Egopay, Payeer, Visa&Mastercard, QIWI, OkPay, PayPal, Payza, VTB24-Bank, PrivatBank, Paymer, Btc-e codes and more. You can also top up your account with Victor-Coins.com kriptovalyutami following: Latecoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, Primecoin, Ripple.

    Ref.system : 2.5%

    Features :

    The factual profit interest;
    Possibility to choose from different payment systems and banks for replenishment and cash out;
    Working time – 7 days a week;
    5.25% profit a week;
    Beginning from the second week – compound percent activation (for the whole sum);
    Time and efforts saving when seeking the resources of investment;
    Daily interest accrue;
    Possibility to cash out at any time;
    People who work here know trade;
    Real capital saving from consequences of inflation;
    Affiliate program 2.5%;
    Phone support.

    Important Dates
    Expires On January 02, 2017
    Registered On January 02, 2014
    Updated On March 27, 2014
    Name Servers
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    Premium Listing :

    Date : 04/15/2014 17:54
    From/To Account : U6736681
    Amount : -100.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 54455850
    Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Depo by HYIP-Checker.com.
    Payment ID : 125
    Hash : c3c8383e0930938d904b534217776c86

    JOIN HERE and recieve Up To 250% RCB from HYIP-Checker.com ==>
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    đầu tư 100$ kìa
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    bác này là Tây hay ta thế ? Post trên 4rum Việt thì vui lòng translate giùm :v
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    Minimum 20$ . Chữ nhiều quá dịch không nổi.
  6. charlescowen

    charlescowen Moderator Staff Member

    copy dịch sao được :v
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