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PTC buxeuroprofi-buxeuroprofi.com-buxhost min 1 euro

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by minhtri1404, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. minhtri1404

    minhtri1404 Verified Member

    For Members

    1 EUR minimum payout.
    3 Eur bonus in Purchase balance.
    Fast Money
    Payments in 24 Hours.
    For Advertisers

    We offer competitively priced advertisement packages for your online campaigns. Paid member clicks are guaranteed and clicks from outside visitors are included in the price. Members can click your advertisement campaign once per 24 hours - outside clicks are included and free of charge.

    - Choose from a variety of packages
    - Access detailed statistics of your campaign
    - Demographic targeting
    - Premium Only filter
    - Free outside visitor clicks
    - Advanced anti-cheat protection

  2. haimiennam


    Yahoo! Messenger:
    Yahoo Messager
    All payout will be complete in 2-15 days.
    Invest = Add Funds
    Invest = Upgrade account

    Mới chiến hơn 1 tuần vơi Member Standard đã có hơn €50 trong tay :@@ kiểu này Add Funds vào chác ăn Scam quá
  3. bác pay thử đi rồi cho ae xem proof, nhưng tình hình scam chắc rồi =))

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