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PTC GermanPTC-GermanPTC.com-Buxhost min 0.05$

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by minhtri1404, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. minhtri1404

    minhtri1404 Verified Member

    For Members

    As a Member, you'll Get Paid for Each Click that you Generate by browsing our sponsor's ads. Have a look inside and start earning now!
    > Earn Money From Home Online.
    > Get Paid To View Ads.
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    > Get Paid To Read SMS.
    > Get Paid To Win Toss.
    > Get Paid To Promote Us.
    > Get Paid To Complete Task.
    > Get Paid To Win Weekly Offer.
    > Get Paid To Complete offers.
    > Earn 0.30$ Per Click.
    > Earn 0.01$ Per Refs Click.
    > Daily Fixed Ads.
    > Cashout At 0.05$.
    > Get Paid Instant.
    > Upgrade Opportunities.
    > 24 Hour Active Support.


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