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Lafiles.com - PPS 60% sales & rebills + 5% domain sales!

Discussion in 'Paid To Upload - PTU' started by charlescowen, May 19, 2014.

  1. charlescowen

    charlescowen Moderator Staff Member

    I with pleasure to present you file hosting Lafiles.com!

    Our file hosting service offers the highest rates of real opportunities for the successful operation of the service. We do not use short-term promotion with super high rates for attract partners, we just always pay what we promise. And successfully operating on the market for over a year!

    So here is our suggestion:

    You get 60% of sales and rebills!
    You get 5% of each sale of the domain (you must add the address and verify your site in your account)!
    The minimum payout - only $ 20!


    1. Web Upload
    2. Flash Upload
    3. Remote Upload
    4. FTP Upload
    5. Torrent Leech


    Minimal payout is: $ 20
    Payment system: Webmoney

    Schedule of Payments:

    Day of Request ---- Payout Day

    1st to 7th ---- 16th
    8th to 14th ---- 23th
    15th to 21th ---- 2st
    22th to end of month ---- 9th

    Hurry up to join us and earn on Lafiles.com!

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