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nPlexMedia : Treo banner kiếm tiền

Discussion in 'All Others' started by emoxone, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. emoxone

    emoxone Verified Member

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    Có website và blog là 1 lợi thế hơn cho phương thức kiếm tiền này.

    Như tiêu đề thì đây là 1 dạng treo banner vào web/blog để kiếm tiền. Hình thức kiếm tiền bao gồm 2 loại là CPC (Tiền phát sinh khi có người click) và CPM (Tiền phát sinh ngay khi không có người click) .

    Hình thức trả tiền : Paypal; MoneyBooker, Bitcoin và Litecoin

    Thanh toán ngay khi có đươc 1$ ngay đầu hàng tháng.




    1. Is the resgistration to your advertising network free ?
    Registering on NPlexMedia is totally free for publishers and advertisers. We pay you to show advertisements. To advertise, you need to pay to show your adverstisements on our network

    2. Can any website be added ?
    Whether it is an internet website, a blog or a forum, any type of websites are accepted, the service is available to individuals and entreprises. However, websites not in accordance with good modrals (xénophobia, pornography, pedophilia, ...) are prohibited.

    3. What are the available banner formats ?
    NPlexMedia offers a wide variety of banners, pop-up's to adapt them to your website.
    The available formats for banners are 160x600 300x250 728x90 468x60
    You may add a full 800x500 advertising page, popunders or intersitial banners.

    4. Can I really make money with NPlexMedia ?
    As a publisher, you just need to create an advertising spot.
    You'll get a JS Tag that you can copy yon your website to show an advertising banner that will be active after being validated

    5. Should I wait for the validation before adding the JS Tag ?
    No, you shouldn't wait for the validation of your spot, you must add it as soon as you reveive your JS Tag.
    If it's not added, it will be impossible to validate.

    6. After creating the spot I added to my site, I get an error message
    The error message must be : "nPlexMedia.com - Ad is not yet approved. It will take few hours for that.". It means that your ad hasn't been validated yet. Please wait ;)

    7. How many tags can I show on one page ?
    We ask to show at least two spots by page.

    8. How long do my ad need to be validated ?
    Every ad is verified manually, your advertisement is usually validated within 24h or less.

    9. Where do your advertisers come from ?
    NPlexMedia has a wide network that allows us to have advertisers from all around the world. The ads are displayed according to the country of the visitors on your website.

    10. Can I click on my adverstisements ?
    No, you must not do that. If you do, our robot will treat as a "cheater" and you might get banished and lose your earnings.

    11. Can I use the incentive (forced clicks) ?
    No, this practice is totally forbidden on NPlexMedia and may get you banished from the network. You may not encourage or remunerate members with our advertisements.
    Please remember that auto-surfs are forbidden.

    12. Do you have an analytics system ?
    Yes, you have all the detailed analytics you need on your publisher account.

    13. Can I transfer my earnings to my advertiser account ?
    Yes you may at any moment transfer your earnings to your advertiser account. There is no transfer fees. The transfer is immediate.

    14. From what amount can I receive a payment ?
    The only minimal amount to receive your payment is $1. We don't charge you anything on your earnings. The displayed result is NET.

    15. How do I receive a payment ?
    NPlexMedia sends you your payment through Paypal and Moneybookers.

    16. What are the payment delays ?
    There is no delay, the earnings of the current month are automatically send on the first of each month.
  2. linhmeo

    linhmeo Moderator Staff Member

    thông báo site này có virut nên mọi người cẩn thận vd.JPG
  3. emoxone

    emoxone Verified Member

    Yahoo! Messenger:
    Yahoo Messager
    Sử dụng bình thường chẳng có bị gì cả mà lo. Đã từng dùng nó, lâu lâu ADF hay LINKBUCK hay 1 số trang MMO đều bị nó thông báo như thế
  4. lichdaihiep

    lichdaihiep Verified Member

    câu hỏi thường gặp sao không dịch luôn cho dễ đọc trời
  5. emoxone

    emoxone Verified Member

    Yahoo! Messenger:
    Yahoo Messager
    Nội dung cần thiết thì mình đã liệt kê bên trên, còn mấy câu hỏi thường gặp chỉ là phụ thôi....ko đọc cũng dc

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