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PTC PtcStore.net - No Minimum Payout for All Members!

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by alien300, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. alien300

    alien300 Moderator Staff Member

    PtcStore.net - New Site, No Minimum Payout for All Members!!!

    PtcStore.net is an online advertising website. Members can either earn money or advertise websites at PtcStore.net. You may not get rich by clicking ads at PtcStore.net, but you will always get paid! Register now, take a trip today!

    *No Minimum Cashout!
    *No investment Needet!
    *Unlimited Direct Referrals!
    *Earn up to 50% per referral click!
    *Guaranteed Ads Daily!
    *Support via PayPal!
    *Upgrade start at $0.85 per Month!
    *Earn from Ptc, Ptr, Ptp, Paid Email, Click Exchange, Paid to Signup, Paid to Like, Earn from referral click, Earn from referral Purchases!

    Lowest Prices for Advertisers:
    *1000 Link Ad Hits - Price $0.25
    *10 Guaranteed Signups - Price $1.20
    *1000 Paid To Read Hits - Price $1
    *1000 Click Exchange Hits - Price $0.20
    *10 000 Banner Ad Views - Price $0.20
    *10 000 Featured Ad Views - Price $0.20

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