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PTC Starkbux -Starkbux.com - Min

Discussion in 'New Sites' started by minhtri1404, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. minhtri1404

    minhtri1404 Verified Member

    As a Members
    You can earn simply by viewing the advertisements we display.

    • Upgrade plans
    • Detailed statistics
    • Effortless income
    • Guaranteed ads daily
    • Instant Payment
    • StarkBux powered by nTeN PTC script v1.2.2.
      Standard : 0,01/ads
      Ref : 0,005/ads
      Min pay : Admin chưa cập nhật
      Update tối thiểu 70$/năm , cao nhất 1500$/năm
      Thanh toán qua PP , PM , EGO
    As an Advertiser
    You can advertise your website to help increase your traffic.

    • Anti-cheat protection
    • Easy management
    • Affordable rates
    • Reach millions
    • Detailed statistics

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