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Surf4Dollars.com - $0.5/ day - Surf 10 Ads - Min rút $5 qua Paypal

Discussion in 'Recycle Bin' started by charlescowen, May 20, 2014.

  1. charlescowen

    charlescowen Moderator Staff Member

    Surf4Dollars is the first and only way you can Earn Cash for Viewing Ads, Earn Credits for Free Traffic and Easily Share and Discover New Websites!
    We've combined StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit & Clixsense into an incredibly powerful system for generating Cash and Traffic!

    Signup Now And Get 250 FREE Visitors To Your Site!

    Surf4Dollars Works From Any Desktop, Mobile or Tablet Browser!

    Earn Money:
    Earn up to 0.05 Per View.
    Earn up to 1.50 Per FREE Signup.
    Earn up to 20% Of Your Referrals Earnings.
    Minimum $5 Cashout.
    Unlimited Referrals.
    No Daily Requirements to Earn From Referrals.
    Payments via Paypal.

    1,000 Country Targeted Visitors For Just $2.
    Paid to Signup From Just .10/Signup!
    Multiple Ad Formats and Options.
    Static 15 Day Ads For Just $5.
    Start with as little as $2.50.
    100% FREE Bookmark Ads.
    Anti-Cheat Protection.

    How Does It Work?
    Surf4Dollars is very simple but incredibly lucrative. First you create a Free account. Once you verify your email we'll add 250 free credits to your account which you can use to get 250 100% free visitors to your website.
    Surf4Dollars works with any Mobile, Tablet or Desktop Browser allowing you to Earn Cash and Free Visitors anywhere!

    View Websites For Cash!
    Choose with one click if you want to surf for Cash (paid per 10 second view), Credits or Simply Browse your own, friends or Public Bookmarks. When you find an interesting page you can add it to your collection.

    We use a bidding system for the Paid to view ads and we share up to 50% of the revenue with you. This means you can earn as much as advertisers are willing to pay per 5 second view. So, instead of earning .005 or .01 per view you could earn up to .05 or more for a simple 5 second view!

    The best part is you don't have to Click Ads to view them, you just use the surf page(from any device) and Get Paid or Earn Credits Per View - Earn Cash and Credits FASTER!

    View Websites For Credits!
    Alternatively you can Surf for Credits. This means when you view a Website for 10 seconds you'll earn a credit. This credit can then be used to create your own website views and others will be surfing and earning credits viewing your site as well!

    100% Free Traffic!

    When you favorite websites they show up in the category you add them to. These are Public links and will be shown when users are surfing public sites. So the more you share the more you can make in Traffic and Commissions!

    Extra Commissions, Unlimited Referrals & Unlimited Traffic!

    Not only can you earn from your paid views you'll also earn 10% of your referrals paid Views, 20% if they upgrade and you'll also earn 10% of their click credits!

    We do not limit the numbers of referrals you have. Free members can have Unlimited Referrals as well as Paid Members.

    Link join : http://www.surf4dollars.com/u/5c6f5a87fc49090

    Khi điền thông tin register xong, các bạn cần active link trong email để kích hoạt tài khoản nhé.

    Admin từng là admin của MyBrowserCash cách đây 2 năm.

    Thank you.

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