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TerraLeads là CPA Hub đối tác đầu tiên

Discussion in 'Advertising Network' started by terraleads, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Hello, partner!

    Let not only asparagus be long in Peru:

    — Erectol Mass — capsules for penis enlargement.

    Geo: PE.
    Payment: $12.

    The manager’s dm is open for any questions. Even for the most piquant ones

  2. Hello, partner!

    Nigeria is a TOP oil exporter from Africa, so they can definitely afford our new offers for beauty and health:

    — Weight control (capsules for weight loss)
    — RED Pain Relief Gel (gel for joints)
    — BearD (beard growth oil)
    — MAXRemover (hair removal cream)
    — Lush Up CC (eyelash growth product)

    The manager will answer any questions, just ask.

  3. Hello, partner!

    Why not bring the old days back so that profit sprinkles instead of sand? Olds will never forget green coffee. And if you haven't run such an offer yet, it's time to try:

    Green Coffee Capsules (weight loss)
    Geo: Cambodia.

    The locals have enough riels, so start testing. But remember not to entrust translation into Khmer to Google Translate.

  4. Hello, partner!

    In affiliate marketing, you have to trick a lot to snatch profit. But outplaying the organizers of a contest is not an easy task.

    We have summed up the results of the joint contest held with ProTraffic!

    There is only one real winner and he gets our grand prize – iPhone 12.

    Judging by the nicknames and groups of other winners, they are bots. Therefore, Apple Watch and AirPods stay for the next time.

    New contests are coming soon, don't miss out!

  5. Hello, partner!

    A good sense of humor attracts not only girls, but also money.

    Together with cpa.rip, we are announcing a meme contest for 10 prizes!

    Conditions: publish your own memes about the attack on Terra Leads in your VKontakte feed. Don't forget to add #cparip #terraleads hashtags.

    Terms: 13.09-26.09.

    We will select the winners on September 27!

    Prizes for the best memes:
    1st place - 15k ₽;
    2nd place - 10k ₽;
    3rd place - 8k ₽;
    4th place - 6k ₽;
    5th place - 4k ₽;
    from 6th to 10th - 1k ₽.

    This article will help you get inspired and learn more about the situation: https://cpa.rip/raznoe/attack-tl/

    We are waiting for your ideas!

  6. Hello, partner!

    Lithuania is the only country with an official state scent Lietuvos Kvapas. You can catch notes of wildflowers and... hot conversion! Especially now that we are launching offers for this geo again:

    — Germitox (anti-parasite capsules)
    — Myceril (antifungal cream)
    — ReAction (capsules for potency)
    — Big Lover (penis enlargement gel)

    Try running them. If you have any questions, contact your manager.

  7. Hello, partner!

    In Argentina, there is no deportation law, which means that your advertising accounts must successfully enter this geo.

    We have caps available for these offers:

    — Variquit (for varicose veins);
    — Hairluxe (for hair growth);
    — Cocoa Slim (weight loss);
    — Celulhouette (for cellulite);
    — Zenza Cream (rejuvenation);
    — Enerflex (for joints);
    — Priapus (magnifier).

    Contact your account manager to find out everything about payment and consult about bundles.

  8. Hello, partner!

    Remember Casablanca? Agree, the plot twists of the melodrama would become more piquant if Morocco knew about our capsules for potency!

    Effectero is open for MA!

    Combine the offer with watching this film and get a perfect date with a girl and a profit!

  9. Hello partner!

    In the 6th episode of AffLate Show, Zhenya Mikitenko showed what he is ready for in order to get interviews with top affiliates. And not in vain — Darkhan was not afraid of the atmosphere of the mental hospital and told:

    — what kind of White Hat offers can be launched right in the apartment;
    — what bonuses does work in an arbitration team give and how to assemble it competently;
    — how to run traffic from Google and easily unban accounts.

    In addition, you will find a post-apocalyptic story about moders and a modern rethinking of ‘The Shining’.

    You can't miss it!

  10. Hello, partner!

    Burmese don’t use surnames, only names with prefixes denoting gender, age and status. Work with Myanmar and it will be easy to create a target audience!

    The following offers are available:
    — Body Shaper for body shaping;
    — Fuel Saver (economizer for fuel);
    — Ecolight spotlight.

    Payouts: from $6.

    Your manager is waiting for your decision.


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