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tin buồn từ ojoo!

Discussion in 'Paid To Click - PTC' started by charlescowen, May 26, 2014.

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  1. charlescowen

    charlescowen Moderator Staff Member

    Hôm nay đăng nhập vô ojooo nhận được cái thông báo này đây:
    ''Dear Users,
    sorry for the delay in payment and all the problems associated with it. We completely understand you and are doing all we can to address this issue as soon as possible. As previously reported, we have introduced a new system that regularly detects and eliminates scammers. Many of these people make comments on various forums and request for payments.

    This week alone, we have blocked several thousand users taking advantage of automated clicking tools. In this way, such people overstate their earnings and contribute to delays in payments.

    We assure you that we shall take all necessary measures to detect these scams. This is possible thanks to the hard work of our programmers and moderators. Unfortunately, this translates into delays in payments, for which we as much as you do are operating at a loss.

    Our company has an excellent reputation and is highly rated in many industrial rankings. We do all within our powers to be the best website in the industry. It requires a lot of patience and Your support. Negative comments and actions only harm the whole community gathered around Ojooo.

    We thank you all for the assistance rendered, support and understanding. All users of our innovative mail site and Ojooo Watching Ad benefit from it.
    All inconveniences related to payments shall be settled within the next three months. This is sufficient time for the upgrading the security system of our website and providing you adequate comfort in your activities.

    Thank you all for your understanding and support in the further development of our company as well as Yours!''
    mình hơi gà tiếng anh nên hông hiểu lắm và vì non kinh nghiệm..anh em có tin gì cho mình biết với nha.
  2. nguyenduybaotn

    nguyenduybaotn Verified Member

    không có chơi trang này
  3. google dịch khẩn cấp!
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